Outgrow problems,

not just solve them

Break free from

what holds you back

Break free from

what holds you back

Outgrow problems,

not just solve them

Individual Coaching

Good humans make great leaders. But books, courses, and mentors only show us paths others have traveled. To become the best leader only we can be, we must embark on an inward journey where others’ maps won’t work. As your coach, I help you make sense of the terrain ahead, understand the unique gifts and pitfalls of the way you move through the world, and tune in to your inner compass. Every leadership challenge you’re facing is a door beckoning you further on your path of personal growth. If you’re ready to walk on through and bring your best to your teams and colleagues, let me be your coach and guide.

Harness leadership challenges as fuel for growth

From motivating teams to managing stakeholders, leadership is fraught with challenges – but these also present us opportunities to grow. Too often, we attempt to solve problems without questioning our role in creating them, only to see them resurface elsewhere. I coach clients to unlock lasting transformation by embracing external obstacles as welcome stepping stones for personal development and growth.

Navigate workplace dynamics with grace and authenticity

Co-founder conflicts, toxic team environments, and workplace politics often feel more challenging than personal relationships, especially given the mix of power and financial interests. I coach clients to cut through “drama” by owning and choosing how they show up in these relationships. Our work together aims not only to transform these interpersonal dynamics, but has the potential to alter the culture of an entire organization.

Cultivate conviction and rediscover professional purpose

Many of us attempt to build careers from the “outside-in,” dedicating ourselves to becoming what others require of us. Despite the success this wins us, a growing dissonance between what’s authentic inside us and what we perform for others eventually saps us of energy and motivation. I coach clients to transform their careers from the “inside-out,” and to evolve work and leadership into expressions of who they truly are.

Team Coaching

Many teams have conversations they need to have, but either can’t or aren’t willing to have. As leaders, we commit to our own inner work to transform how we show up for others. But to truly shift the group-level dynamics obstructing our team’s performance, we must look to each other. As a coach and facilitator, I unblock change for teams by surfacing unconscious commitments that prevent certain types of conversations from happening. By fostering a greater level of compassionate awareness among team members, both for themselves and for each other, I help teams develop a shared language they can use to name, heal, and transform what’s really going on between them.

Facilitate the vital conversations that teams feel unable to have

Leadership teams thrive or falter on the effectiveness of their communication. Yet even the best teams will struggle to successfully debate strategy and tactics in the face of unspoken norms, commitments, and interpersonal tensions. By equipping teams with the skills and language to have the conversations they most need to have, I help accelerate them on the path to their goals unburdened by the drag of the unsaid.

Uncover and transform group patterns hindering progress

Even with the best intentions, teams get ensnared by unconscious patterns. In fact, it’s often a team’s deeply-held values and norms that prevent specific types of progress from happening – the way a commitment to consensus slows decision-making, or a norm against conflict stifles crucial debate. I help teams uncover and transform these latent group dynamics so as to unblock the progress they desire.

Cultivate compassionate understanding and awareness within teams

One of the most difficult things about working in teams is the way interpersonal dynamics get deadlocked in unproductive loops. Yet teams also present us with unparalleled opportunities for growth and development through mutual support and accountability. I support teams in moving past distrust and disconnection, and in cultivating the compassionate awareness that accelerates personal and collective growth.

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